Ethical dillemmas listed on our website include contextual variables, competing tensions, and demonstrate how to weigh options as well as consider possible solutions.

We encourage all educators to discuss these dilemmas to consider what actions would be most appropriate in your school community, given the norms and needs.

Ethical Dilemma Criteria

  • Can you identify the contextual variables?
  • Can you identify the competing tensions?
  • What could possibly go wrong?

Recent Ethical Dilemmas are listed below. Click on “Continue reading” to read the full ethical dilemma.

Driving In My Car

High School Math teacher (man) sees a student (girl) in need of help… I was driving home one night from the grocery store when I saw one of my high school students walking down a road with no sidewalk. It was dark and looked dangerous. I pulled over and asked the student if she was…

Emails Leading To Dating

Middle school english teacher (Woman) starts dating a parent of a student of hers. I am a teacher at the local middle school. I certainly keep my personal life private, but my guess is that if someone wanted to know my marital status, it wouldn’t be too hard to find out. It started when one…

This is an open source resource for educational purposes only! This space is dedicated to providing ethical dillemmas that educators in Hawaii are facing. The educators share the dilemmas as well as their reflections on how educator ethics apply to the dilemma.